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It all started a month a go when I decided to try my luck and participate at the S.M. Town auditions. Without anyone knowing about my plan, okay my parents knew but they don't count, I filled the forms and got ready for the audition. Only God knows how nervous I was when I got in a small room, partially lightened. Together with 5 other people and with cameras watching us from all angles, one by one we started to sing and dance.  The judges were looking scary at us, as if they were preparing to kill us.

With lots of butterflies in my stomach I started singing and dancing; at first stiffly, no one ever heard me singing except my mother and my cousin, then as the lyrics passed, I started relaxing and enjoying myself; in the end I came because I LOVED singing and because I wanted to show everyone that we can become stars if we work hard to pursue our dreams. After the audition ended, they asked my name again and said I'll receive a phone call the following days if I passed the auditions.

After only 2 days, that were the longest days in my life, they called me saying I was accepted; so here I am now in an airplane on my way to Korea to fulfill my dream. Lucky me, I don't have to be a trainer for long, it seems I already have the voice, look and skills to become a pro, I just have to accommodate to the Korean way of living, traditions and customs and to prepare a "shocking" debut stage.

At the airport a girl around 24 years old was waiting for me; yey I don't have to find alone my way through the unknown city.

"Hello, you must be Inna." The girl greets me in broken English; she is beautiful: long black hair, brown eyes; the typical Korean girl. I smile at her and answer in Korean.

"Ahn Neyong Ha Seyo, I'm Inna, nice to meet you." I shake her hand bowing a little and continue. "If it is easier for you, you can speak in Korean, I understand, and please excuse my manners but in my country we act different from here."

"Thank you, it really is easier for me to speak in Korean than in English. Here, let me help you." She takes one of my hand bags and smiles grabbing my now free hand.

"Follow me to the car, we are going to see Mr. Lee Soo Man and then I'll take you to your apartment."

The ride to S.M. Entertainment building was short and silent; the hole ride I was staring at the marvelous city and the people living in it. Before I know it, I woke up sitting in a big conference room, surrounded by lots of people staring at me waiting for Mr. Lee Soo Man.

"Good afternoon!" He greeted entering the room followed by his personal assistant. "Inna, welcome to S.M. Entertainment, I see you managed to get here safe. I hope you didn't have problems getting here." Lee Soo Man addressed me rising and eyebrow.

"Thank you for accepting me. My ride here was nice, but a bit tiring." I answer as politely as my Korean knowledge allowed me to.

"I'm glad. Here I want to present you the people that will work for you and next to you." He started presenting me all the people that were staring at me before he came. God, how will I be able to remember them all?

I have 2 hair stylists, 2 makeup stylists, 1 fashion stylist, 1 choreographer, 5 dancers, 2 girls and 3 boys, a personal translator and Korean teacher at the same time, and a manager that will take care of my career. God help me.

After 2 hours of meeting people, discussing my future career, singing and dancing in order for them to know me better, Mr. Lee Soo Man decided I was tired and that the first month I should adjust to the Korean lifestyle and customs before starting the real hard work.

"At least, Inna, I wish you good luck." With That Mr. Lee Soo Man left the room just like he entered. The same girl from the airport came next to me and grabbed my hand taking me back to the car.

"I think I didn't manage to introduce myself properly. I'm Sunny, as you found out from Mr. Lee Soo Man, your translator and your Korean teacher.  I'll take care of all your communication problems." She smiles and continues. "Since Erika isn't here I'll be informing you, all you have to know, so you'll be staying at the S.M. Entertainment dorm; you have an apartment at the 12 floor.  Your apartment number is 5 and here are you keys. Your baggages should arrive in an hour or two and some one will bring you food and other things you need later. Here is you new mobile phone, money, credit card and here is my number. Go take a shower and rest, Erika will call you later."

I got out of the car and headed to the big building in front of me, where the guardian greeted me smiling and opened the door; even he knows my name already. The building was decorated in a modern way with lots of plants and pictures of the S.M. family.  It really feels cozy. Privet pool, gym and café, what else could you wish for?

I open the door to my apartment, as butterflies start flying in my tummy, god my own apartment. At first I entered the dining that was connected to the lounge, that had a big balcony with a breath taking view; on the left was the kitchen and next the main bedroom with his own bathroom and on the right another smaller bedroom with his own bath and a studio room.

Smiling I take a big breath of air before exploring every little inch of my dorm. I opened the computer from the living room and copied all the music from my indispensable i-pod, turning the music one. Before I knew my baggage's arrived and I started rearranging all the furniture and my things in a way that could express my style.

With the melody "Mirotic" from Dbsk hearing loud from the stereo speakers and me singing and dancing while redecorating, I didn't notice when someone knocked at the door then entered the room now starring at me; I was bewitched by the melody so I was deeply feeling the music while imitating the moves.

"Han beon ui kiseuwa hamkke-nari seondeuthan-ganghan ikkeullim..." ("With a single kiss – the day revitalizing- a powerful pull…") I was singing when suddenly the music stopped but the lyrics kept hearing.

"Do beon ui kiseu, ttogeopge tajyeobeoril geot gateun ne shimjangeul…" ("The second kiss, it sends a blow to your heart and it feels hot...") I turned to look what happened when I saw 5 boys starring at me smiling. OH MY GOD! Dong Bang Shin Ki in flesh and bones in front of me.

"Annyo!" I bow a little smiling. "Don't stand there please take a sit." I said motioning them to sit down on the couch.

"Ahh… Are you a Cassiopeia?" I heard Junsu asking and Micky quickly slapping him on the neck motioning to shut up. Aish… such dorks…

"No, in my country Cassiopeia doesn't exists, but I am from your European fan club Phoenix." I try not to laugh as I continue. "But now that you remembered me, I'll join the Cassiopeia and promise to haunt you even after I die!" I say as Junsu looks shocked and hugs Micky and the other three members start laughing.

"Excuse Junsu, and excuse our manners. Boys…" I hear Yunho as they make their world wide known greeting. "We are Dong Bang Shin Ki, nice to meet you!"

"The pleasure is mine." I answer smiling. "I'm Inna."

"We already know; news travel fast here and rumors even faster." Changmin said offering me two bags. "We thought that since you just arrived your refrigerator must be empty. We didn't know what you like to eat so… We bought every kind of specialty from M.C. Donald."

"Kamsahamnida… I really don't know what to say…" So sweet of them to think at poor me, I was starving here.

"No problem, if I knew what you like, I could have cooked you something." Huh, Jaejoong cooking for me? I really must be dreaming…

"You don't have to trouble yourself with me. Now, since you bought so much food, would you like too keep me company, and eat together?" I ask while bringing some dishes from the kitchen and placing them on the table.

"I would like to!" Changmin answered taking a chip and eating it. Such a dork…

"Excuse Changmin, I hope you don't mind, he really likes to eat!" Yunho stated, his glaring almost killing poor Changmin.

"No problem. I hope my actions won't offend you sometimes, see in my country some customs are different so, maybe sometime I'll act a little weird."

"No problem that is why we are here." What do you want to say with that Yunho? "You see Mr. Lee Soo Man decided that each day one idol should accompany you everywhere you want to go and help you accommodate with lifestyle of Korea." I look at the confused when Micky continues Yunho's explanations.

"For example, today many of the SM artists will visit you; in order to meet you in person, but from tomorrow, we'll take turns in accompanying you around the city and helping you, improve your idol skills like singing, dancing and so on."

"So I get to spend almost every day with you?"

"Yes." Junsu answers, smiling.

"Cool." Yey! A whole day alone with Korea's top idols!

While we were eating a loud bang was heard from the apartment above me followed by a smashing sound.

"That should be Heechul." Micky said smiling and heading to the door. "Excuse me, but I'm going to see what's wrong this time." He said before disappearing behind the door.

"Does Super Junior live in this building too?" I ask Yunho confused.

"Yes; us too!" He smiled continuing. "We live at the 11th floor, Shinee at the 5th, at the 6th floor you can find Ri In, the entire 7 floor lives Boa and her boyfriend, at the 9th floor is Snsd, Kangta at the 10th floor, and Super Junior at the 12th and 13th floor."

"There also is f(x) at the 4th floor and many more." Changmin continues seeing me smile.

"Cool, so Changmin…"

"Why don't you call us oppa?"

"Can I?" I ask surprised seeing them nodding. "Then, Changminnie-oppa, all the SM idols live in the same building?"

"That's right!" he answer's before someone starting knocking at my door.

"Please excuse me one moment." I said as I went to answer the door.

As I opened the door a mass of people were waiting on the other side talking to each other. When Micky appeared and entered smiling.

"I brought a part of Super Junior with me if you don't mind."

"No problem, please come in." I turned to the door to meet Donghae's  smile.  OH MY GOD! That was all I thought in that moment.

As eight members of Suju entered the room, my apartment looked smaller and smaller. I wonder what will happen if the other Suju guys come too. Slowly Shindong, Sungmin, Eeteuk, Donghae, Heechul, Hyukjae, Kibum and Siwon, made their way to my living room. Aish there were boys everywhere you could look; Yunho, Donghae, Hyukjae and Junsu were sharing a couth, Jaejoong, Eeteuk, Heechul and Micky on the other one, while the remaining boys, Max, Siwon, Kibum, Sungmin and Shindong on chairs from the kitchen or simply on the floor using big pillows.

Shindong hands me a bag full of different packs of. "We brought you some ramen!"

"And cookies! I hope you like them, they have strawberry filling." Interrupted Sungmin placing a box full of pink cookies in my hands and sitting next to Shindong.

"And some fresh fruits, you need to eat healthy too!" Spoke in the end Eeteuk taking the box of cookies from my hand helping me take them to the kitchen.

"Thank you all for you kindness." I say bowing at the smiling boys that were occupying every inch of my living room and dining room. "Please forgive me, I forgot my manners. I'm Inna and I'm from Romania. I'll need your help to get used to Korea. Please take good care of me." I end my speech bowing again before hearing loud cheers from the boys.

"It will be our pleasure!" Stated Eeteuk smiling before every single one started asking questions, after questions.

"So, who is you favorite band?" Asked Heechul grinning.

"Dong Bang Shin Ki is my favorite, but I also like many other Korean bands." Yoochun turns to him and tapes him on the shoulder.

"Five dollars, I told you she's ours!" I start smiling and take a sit on the floor in front of them.

"Well, at first I've discovered Dbsk and then Suju. Don't argue on witch I like best or I'll tell Elf and Cassiopeia and then you'll face their punishment!" I say giggling while Sungmin grabs Shindong's arm and hides behind him.

"That's my girl!" Heechul says flopping beside me. "Officially you're my twin sister." He said playfully punching my arm.

"Hey watch out or I'll sue you!" I say laughing while the other members started scolding him.

"Do you like pink?" Sungmin asks showing his pink stuffed bunny.

"Well, pink is a cute color but my favorite is orange." He pounds a little so I show him my earrings. "See? Pink is a cute color, I love my pink earrings." Hearing that, he smiled and gave me his pink bunny.

"Here, I'll let bunny with you a few days." He kisses the bunny and continued. "You just arrived so you must be lonely here; take really good care of him."

"I promise I will take really good care of him." I say hugging the bunny tight. Aish I promised I won't regret leaving everyone so far behind, but it is so hard; seeing me a little down Kibum is the next one asking a question.

"So… It may be rude for me to ask this, but… what age are you?" I hear him ask in fluent English; fact that makes me smile again.

"No problem, I am 21 years old; the same age as Kyuhyun." I answer blushing.
"Witch day?" A curious Donghae asks.

"Secret."  They look at me confused before I continue. "I'll say just that I'm a Libra and that it's just before Shindong's Birthday. I'll let you figure it out yourself." I stick my tongue out a little and turn to one questioning Changmin.

"The last…" he starts but I cut him off.

"The last book I've read?" He nods and I continue. "It was a Japanese book, Taichi Yamada – Strangers."

"Did you see the film? It's really cool." Shindong asks eating on of the left hamburgers from MC. Donald. I shake my head motioning no when Siwon speaks for the first time.

"Are you a Christian?" Hearing him everybody starts laughing and joking because his never ending religious problem.

"Yes, I am." I answer motioning to the little cross from my necklace.

"Okay, now that everyone managed to ask something, we should go. Inna, should be tired and wants to relax a little." Teuky says smiling.

"Us too, we should get going; it's already 9 p.m. and dongsaeng should rest a little. You know it's hard adapting to the different time zone." Yunho completes Eeteuk's words standing up from the couth. "It was a pleasure meeting you." He says and leaves along with his members. The last to leave are Super Junior which ask again and again if I need something and if anything happens to let them know.

After their leaving, I find myself staring out the window over the busy Seoul even at the late hour; when my new mobile starts singing a weird song… I really need to remember to change the tone.

"Annyo, Inna are you asleep?" I hear Erika's voice.

"No, I am watching TV." I answer flopping on the couth looking at the ceiling.

"If it's not too late I'm coming to bring you some things you'll need."

"Okay, I'm waiting you." I say heading to the kitchen to get an apple brought by Teuky-oppa.

Erika is my manager, and theoretically my new best friend… Well we'll see about that later. She is really beautiful, long brown hair, black eyes; a cutie! In less than 20 minutes she entered my apartment carrying 6 huge bags full of groceries and a back-pack.

"Okay, so I've bought you healthy food, shampoo, soup, detergent and everything I could think of you'll need for the moment; if you need anything else we'll buy tomorrow, okay?" I nod and she continues. "Okay, so… here is a laptop, you'll need it, and here is you copy of the contract. You also have the rules you have to respect as long as you work for S.M. Entertainment." I take them from her hand and start scanning it.

"Okay, so this is all?"

"Well for the moment yes; I also want to tell you that you'll be spending a month, accompanied every day, with members from the already well-known bands like Super Junior, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Shinee, So Nyeo Shi Dae etc."

"I already know that." I say smiling only to receive a questioning look. "Dbsk and some members from Suju already visited me." I answer her and turn to place all the food that she brought in the refrigerator.

"I knew that they'll come." She smiles like a mad woman and grabs her purse. "Well, that's all for today, I'm heading home. Take some rest okay? It will be a little hard for you to adapt to the Korean time zone." She hugs and kisses me on the cheek. "If you need anything don't hesitate to call me okay?" I nod and watch her leaving.

Alone again; feeling bored I decide going for a little walk not too far from the dorm; I don't want to get lost. I take a cap and a jumper and head for the elevator. God so much noise hearing from Super Junior's apartment; I wonder witch members live next to me? Is it the sweet Donghae, or the over exaggerating Heechul, my twin brother? I put my head-phone one and turn the music on, enjoying the night's beauty. Passing a store I decide to walk in and get some Coke and Choco Pie; okay and some Bubble Bath products and some candles too; I really need a relaxing bath. As I look at the variety of scent candles I hear some girls whispering near me.

"Isn't that Micky from Dbsk?"

"OMG! It can't be! OMG! Let's take some pictures!"

"Is he looking at the cigarettes stand; or at the chewing gum?"

I quickly look at the person that they were photographing and recognize Yoochun. In a blink of an eye, I got next to him and placed my groceries on the table looking in the corner of my eye at him as he takes a packet of cigarettes witch I snatch placing them, on the table, next to the Coke.

"Could you please give me a packet of Kent too?" I say to him as sweet as I could. I take the packet and whisper. "Buy yourself some chewing gum and meet me at my apartment." He nods a little and leaves after paying the gum.

When I returned to the dorm he was already waiting me. Ignoring him I open the door and get in, being followed shortly by Yoochun. I take out from the cupboard 2 glasses and the cigarettes from the bag and he takes the coke. We enter the balcony, were I connect my i-pod to the laptop to put some music on while he lights himself a cigarette.  I do the same and take a deep smoke leaning in the comfortable chair.

"You know you shouldn't smoke; it's written in the regulations." He says speaking for the firs time.

"Look who is talking, mister: "Look at me I'm an idol and I can buy cigarettes without any fans seeing me"; well you're wrong." I laugh changing the melody that was playing.

"You know that the contract has a lot of regulations and clauses, but that doesn't mean you have to obey them by heart."

I look at him smiling before I continue. "I know. How is the lawsuit going?"

"It doesn't matter." He says taking a deep smoke. "Did you know, we are returning to Japan? Only Yunho is remaining to finish the drama."

"So, there really isn't any chance to…"

"We are not breaking up. TVXQ is a family and we'll not disband. It's just that we have to prove something."

"I already knew that. When are you leaving?"

He puts out the cigar. "I'm not sure, in a couple of days." Then he turns towards me smiling. "Let's keep this a secret!"

"I love secrets!"

"I don't smoke and neither do you."

I start laughing. "Deal! But next time let me buy the cigarettes!" I put out my cigarette and taking a sip of Coke I start surfing through the melodies in the playlist.

"I want to hear you singing."


"Because… I'm curious!" He says giving me his sexy smile.

"It doesn't work for me."

"Okay, I want to be the first one hearing you sing." I look at him bored and take another sip of Coke.

"Only if you write… My first song..."

"Maybe, first, let's see how good you are."

"What song?"

"Any song is good."

"Don't love her by Lee Hiory."

"Sing something happier."

"You said anything." He roles his eyes and continues.

"U go girl."

"U go girl it is!" I say and start singing.

"And dance!"

"Dance with me!" He stands from his chair and joins me dancing and singing.

I don't remember when he finally left; I think it was 2 or 3 in the morning, but I know that the last thing I remember was throwing the empty bottle of Coke in the trash bin and flopping on the bed.
Author: Venus4ever15
Pairings: Dbsk, Suju - misc
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Drama, Humor
Disclaimer: I donít own the members of Dong Bang Shin Ki or Super Junior but I would LOVE to. ^_^ I donít own S.M. Entertainment; I donít own the music or some of the lyrics from this fanfics. Iíll specify which, at the appropriate time. Inna (인나), Andrew, Sarah are original characters and I want credit if you want to use them.
Summary: A simple girl pursuing her dream, overcoming her fears and healing her broken heart.
Notes: For Innaís carrier Iíll use some already released MVís and songs, please pretend they are Innaís songs.
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